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"I want to dive drive today!"

Is the weather stopping you dive?

Go for a Game Drive!

At Siso Dwana you have the freedom to change your mind. Game Drives and Dives are the same price so your day is extremely flexible. With many other activities available beyond scuba diving, we will go the extra mile to help you do what you want to do.

Want to go quad  biking?                              You can!

Sun-down trip to Lake Sibaya?                     Sure thing!

Game drive to Tembe Elephant Park?        Not a bother!

Tembe Elephant Park
Situated on, the once called, 'Ivory Route', Tembe Park is a hop, skip & jump away from Siso Dwana Lodge. Spend some time searching for the Legendary "Big Tuskers" or the Lethal Lions.
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Lake Sibaya
Lake Sibaya is the largest lake in South Africa with a colossal area of 65km. A birder's paradise, the lake is host to 279 recorded species of bird, 15 species of aquatic and 43 species of terrestrial molluscs and the world's 2nd largest population of Hippos and Crocodiles
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Tolla Se Gat
Located between Lake mGoboseleni and feeding into Lake Shazibe, this picturesque little stream is a beautiful place to explore. Go by car or be adventurous and trek out by quad bike!

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